Brain Gauge

Brain Gauge

Brain Gauge is a small computer-mouse-shaped device with two buttons that can vibrate and detect movements with high resolution. It is so sensitive that it can measure the most subtle changes in brain function and probe cortical function and utilize its complexity to gain more sensitive and specific detection of compromised neural function.

Every Brain Gauge comes with these scientifically proven metrics


Your brain’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand.


How quickly your brain begins to tire during mentally demanding tasks.


Your brain’s ability to keep track of the order of events.


Your brain’s ability to respond and adapt to changes in your surroundings.

Brain Gauge Graph


Your brain’s ability to react to changes in your environment.


Your brain’s ability to detect small differences between sensations.


Your brain’s ability to keep track of the duration of events.


How well different regions of your brain are able to communicate and coordinate.

Take control of your brain health


Track your brain health with simple, proven methods

The Brain Gauge lets you test 8 essential components of brain health: Speed, Focus, Fatigue, Accuracy, Sequencing, Timing Perception, Plasticity, and Connectivity. You’ll also get a comprehensive mental fitness score, a measure we call your corticalmetric .

How does Brain Gauge work?

During each test, those two orange tips will ‘buzz’ your fingers in a specific way. Our free app will ask questions about what you felt, and then analyze your responses using clinically-proven neuroscience. In less than 15 minutes you can complete a comprehensive brain health assessment and gain valuable insight into your mental fitness.

Adaptive, personalised testing

Challenge your brain and track your mental fitness. Each test adjusts to your brain’s abilities, so you’ll stay engaged as your performance improves. You can even create custom testing sessions and target specific cognitive skills.

Optimise your brain health

Track responses to new supplements, diets, and medications by adding custom markers to your data. Then watch your Brain Gauge scores evolve over time, and find the most effective ways to improve your mental fitness.

Powerful analytics. Clear results.

Keep tabs on conditions like Alzheimer’s and ADHD, and see how your brain responds to new treatments or medications. Then generate a detailed brain health evaluation, or export your entire testing history and run your own advanced analysis. And all of your data is instantly accessible from anywhere in the world thanks to our secure, cloud-based storage.