Margo's Journey With Cilo Cybin

On the 8th of October 2021, I was diagnosed with Stage 2B cervical cancer. The Doctors told me that I have an aggressive tumour called Adenocarcinoma.

My treatment plan included 6 weeks of daily radiation, 6 weeks of chemo and 4 sessions of Brachytherapy.

I completed my radiation in full. I however, never got to complete all my chemo, I had 5 out of 6 sessions. The chemo had attacked my body – I took a big hit. Bone marrow was affected, I had to have many blood transfusions, I was constantly ill. Throwing up became a normal part of my life. 

I then had to start Brachytherapy. No words can describe what that puts one through. It is incredibly painful, intrusive and all round, horrid.  I would have to remind myself that I have an 8 year old child that depends on me and that I needed to keep fighting. 

Margo's Journey - Cancer

Fast forward to May 2022, I was introduced to the team from Cilo Cybin.

June 2022 – I was diagnosed as Stage 4 cancer – it has 
metastasised through my body. 

I now start my journey with Cilo Cybin. We’re working with Doctor Potgieter to see how we can beat this cancer. 

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