Affiliate Marketing

Cilo Cybin Affiliate Program allows you to promote and the products we stock to your friends, family and social media followers. This enables you to earn commission every time they make a purchase and you make a sale.

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Why to join the Cilo Cybin Affiliate program?

  • Competitive 10% commission structure, with unlimited earning potential.
  • Get paid out twice a month (Every 15 days) into your bank account. 
  • Average order value of R1000.00
  • Dedicated, in-house Affiliate Marketing team on-hand to help with the setup, maintenance and growth of your affiliate activity.
  • Up-to-date product feeds available.
  • Product information, Content and Imagery available.
  • Free to Join.

How it works?

By joining the Cilo Cybin affiliate program and linking to through text links and banners on your website, social media accounts and even whatsapp, you can earn a commission on revenue that is generated from customers who purchase at from your link. You can place Cilo Cybin links and banners in as many places on your website and social media accounts. 


  • Include image and/or text links to Cilo Cybin within your posts and stories across Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp
  • Place our ads, banners and links on your website and social media
  • Use our product feed to advertise to your friends, family and followers


Sign up today and start earning money online

Note that Cilo Cybin operates in South Africa only. 

If you have any questions, or require more information, please contact