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precision formulas.

Combining our targeted formulations with the highest of quality raw materials, you can have pace of mind that our products are consistent, effective and predictable. 

These formulations are formulated to assist you to relax, and have a clam mood. Our product range include two CBD formulations and delivery systems.  We source our high quality CBD Broad Spectrum oil from the foothills of the Alps of Switzerland.

The first, a slow release oil containing CBD Broad spectrum (no THC), terpenes, and a nano technology to enhance the bioavailability for an enhanced effect. Traditional CBD oils made with MCT, is around 3-6% bioavailable. When using our CBD oils you can have peace of mind that the ingredients used are of the highest quality, and the formulation and carrier used allows for around 30% bioavailable, which means its 10 times more bio available that the competition of CBD oils in South Africa.

The second delivery method, is a CBD Broad spectrum (no THC) vape oil, combined with specific terpenes and flavorants to ensure a good tasting, outcome targeted product. Our vape oils are PG and VG oils free.

slow release oil

This oil is carefully formulated to assist with sleeplessness.

quick acting vape

This vape is carefully formulated to assist with sleeplessness.

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product range.

With out unique combinations and formulations you will always be covered.

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