CBD Nano Oil - Sleep Assist
CBD Nano Oil - Sleep Assist
CBD Nano Oil - Sleep Assist
CBD Nano Oil - Sleep Assist

CBD Nano Oil - Sleep Assist

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Nightly Serenity: Experience the Power of CBD-Induced Slumber

  1. Explore Enhanced Sleep Support: Discover the potential of CBD for sleep support with our formula, which incorporates specific terpenes to promote relaxation and sleep, potentially offering a more targeted solution for sleep disturbances.
  2. Swift Absorption with Nano Technology: Experience faster absorption of CBD's calming effects and potential sleep benefits with our formula, thanks to advanced nanotechnology. This rapid onset can benefit those struggling to fall asleep or seeking immediate relief from insomnia.

    Why our CBD Sleep Assist oil is for you:

    1. CBD and Terpenes Synergy for Sleep Enhancement: Our CBD Sleep Assist oil blends specific terpenes known for potentially promoting sleep with CBD's therapeutic potential. This combination may enhance relaxation, potentially soothing the mind, and aiding in achieving a potentially more profound and restful sleep, offering a natural and holistic alternative to traditional sleep aids.
    2. Fast Absorption for Quick Results: Our formula uses advanced nanotechnology to potentially break down CBD molecules into ultra-fine particles for maximum potential absorption. This may lead to a quicker onset of relaxation and sleepiness, making it a convenient choice for those potentially seeking immediate relief from sleep troubles.
    3. Natural and Holistic Sleep Support: In an era of growing concerns over pharmaceutical sleep aids, our "Cilo Cybin CBD sleep formula" offers a natural potential alternative. Users can find comfort in knowing it's derived from natural sources and may enhance sleep quality without the potential side effects of traditional options.
    4. Tailored for Enhanced Sleep Quality: Our unique formula, considering terpenes and nanotechnology, is designed for potentially optimal results. It's not just another CBD product; it's crafted to potentially address sleep challenges comprehensively. The "Cilo Cybin CBD sleep formula" is your potential go-to solution for targeting improved nighttime rest, prioritizing quality, safety, and potential effectiveness.


    • Cannabidiol (CBD) 600mg 20mg / 1 ml
    • Grapeseed Oil, Beta-Caryophyllene,
    • Terpenes (Specific to formulation)
    • Preservative-free
    • THC free


    Take 1ml (20mg) daily, when required.

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